Longs Pine Grove Open Space (LPG) and Cheyenne Arapaho Park (CAP) have both completed successful master planning processes to begin the development of design for the new park at LPG, and park renovations at CAP. The final plans have been approved by the county commissioners, and are located here LPG Master Plan and here CAP Master Plan for viewing.

Both park projects are currently going through the County land use approval process and are being designed for implementation/final design – which means that the concepts illustrated in the final master plans are being translated into detailed drawings and documents that contractors will use to build the improvements upon approval for implementation. The final design process can take several months to complete.

 LPG is fully funded, and construction is anticipated to begin in Winter/Spring of 2019.

CAP is not currently funded for implementation, however is anticipated to begin construction sometime in 2020.

For more questions regarding either park, please contact Raymond Winn, County Project Manager at rwinn@arapahoegov.com.



Located in the urbanized northwest corner of Arapahoe County, within what is called the “Four Square Mile Neighborhood”, two County-owned parks will be master-planned to pave the way for improvements that will provide new (or improved) community recreational resources to enhance the daily lives of County residents.

This multi-faceted project involves the master planning, detailed design, and eventual construction of improvements at both parks (the existing Cheyenne-Arapaho Park and the new Long’s Pine Grove Park), a process which is intended to dovetail with the March, 2015 Four Square Mile Recreation Needs and Opportunities Assessment .

The County has hired a Denver area landscape architectural firm to lead the planning and design of both of these parks.  The first order of business is to prepare master plans for each of the parks.  These master plans will be developed through a highly involved public input process that will incorporate input from users, community/stakeholder groups, HOA groups, and neighbors.

Some of the community input process and logistics for each project will be shared, yet each park will have a separate and independent planning and design process that reflects their unique character and needs.  Please click on the specific page(s) for the park(s) you are interested in learning about or providing feedback for.

Cheyenne-Arapaho Information              Long’s Pine Grove Information

For interactive Google maps of each park click the following:

Cheyenne-Arapaho Park Google Map       Long’s Pine Grove Google Map

Please visit our Leave A Comment page regarding your desires for the parks, concerns or issues you may have insight on, or any other constructive ideas you may be able to provide.